Google's OS, designed for netbooks, was released a few months ago. Follow these instructions to dual-boot Chromium OS:

  1. Download this torrent and follow the instructions in the read me. This will allow you to create a bootable flash drive, with Chromium OS.
  2. Use your favourite partitioning software (I'm still a fan of the ol' PartMagic) to create two partitions, the same size as those that were created on your flash drive (one will be ~700MB, and the other ~250MB).
  3. Boot into Ubuntu (use the live disk, if you don't already have Ubuntu installed). Use the `dd` command to copy the partitions from the flash drive over to the partitions you just created.
  4. Write Chromium OS into your bootloader. If you're using GRUB, a simpe `update-grub` command should work effectively.
  5. Enjoy Chromium OS!