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Thread: How many of you use Linux?

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    I don't want to try. I like Windows and I don't need anything else.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hellas View Post
    Try Mandriva linux. Very easy for beginners.

  2. certainly windows is a lot friendly.
    but i dont have a choice but to use linux since my hardware dont pass the windows requirement
    this is an old pc and has even 800mhz

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    I use Windows Vista - nice and shiny lol...the switch over would be far too much trouble..

    Used to use Lumux Debian on an old P1 as a server and a router mainly just to learn it and for fun...but cba now lol

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    uBuntu 8.10 on laptop as said many times before and CentOS on servers. I do want to try out uBuntu 9.04 or whatever it is server edition though cause it might be interesting to play with. I still use XP though for the gaming side although Wine is pretty nifty and can run things faster then Windows.
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    I'm using ArchLinux right now, but will probably switch back over to Ubuntu.

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    Using dual operating system on my Netbook:

    Windows XP + Ubuntu 9.04 UNR (Netbook Remix), works like a charm.

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    Tried Linux but im too addicted to windows, so wont switch from it really.
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