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Thread: How to run a car on cooking oil ....

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    As petrol prices reach a record high, Christopher Middleton discovers the hazardous art of converting used oil from breakfast fry-ups into biodiesel...


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    Glad to see the Brits have discovered what has been going on for years and years and years in the good old USA.

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    I'm sure it could probably be done, but it would require a lot of engine modifications &'d be like running Diesel on a standard gasoline engine...

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    Read up on it.
    Very little modification to any engine is needed.

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    It works, but if you do not watch the chemistry and cook it properly, the acidity will eat up your engine. I get a kick out the eco-documentaries that make it look like you can simply strain waste cooking oil and put it in your diesel engine. That engine will not last very long if you do that.

    This isn't something that the average guy can easily do in his garage. You need the right equipment and there is a science to doing it correctly.

    The article covers the issues rather well.
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    This has been going on for years in the UK, but last time I heard it is illegal. Plus it's easy to get detected since the UK chippy frying oil is used to the end so stinks when emitted from a car exhaust. You could also try rolling up the chips wrapping paper to make cheap cigs maybe? The oil impregnated in the paper should make it last longer.

    Maybe it's better to use KFC oil or MacD where they may dispose of it while it's still golden and to a consistent quality? LOL

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