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Thread: How to Wipe computer completely.

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    Wink How to Wipe computer completely.


    I wanted to know how I can completely wipe everything from the hard drives of my laptop ( removing windows, backup files and everything ) without logging into the computer.

    But so that i can install linux onto it afterwards...

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    If you just want to clear it for the sake of clearing it out to install linux on it, then your distro's install disk should include a format utility on it that will give you the option to before installing.

    If you want to actually wipe the disk completely, I'm a fan of DBAN, it's bootable and does a pretty awesome job. Be careful if using the autonuke feature, because that will seek out and wipe all connected drives, so it's best to use interactive mode and setup the parameters versus using auto, unless you want every thing it can find done.

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