While I was away (although I am very happy I'm back) I received a very nice package in the mail from PeerFly, a 13inch MacBook.

(not an actual image of MY MacBook, but the same thing)

Chad, the owner of PeerFly, is a really nice guy who I met while at Ad:Tech San Francisco and he had been telling me for a couple months that I needed to get a Mac. Well, because he was sponsoring PublisherChallenge (which I had hooked him up with) and they were getting solid affiliates from it he was nice enough to send me a MacBook.

I've been playing with it for awhile now and I really like it. I just ordered an adapter so I can hook it up to one of my 21.5" monitors (the 13inch screen is a little small) and my plan is to develop an iPhone app.

Do any of you have a MacBook or Mac? Any suggestions on FREE applications I can download?