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Thread: I Really Do Not Like Dell!!!

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    I Really Do Not Like Dell!!!

    1.5 hours on hold and no answers..."Please wait one minute" and hung up again on me for a 4th time on an order for my call== getting hung up on before they were closed for the evening. Just not a good experience.
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    try email or, michael dell assistant will read all email and reply ...

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    try this : and this (office), get this two email add from friend work in dell

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    I can't tell because I have no experience purchasing from them. But it sometimes happens on big companies due to unexpected massive customer service request.


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    all my PC from dell, cheaper deal with bundle OS and warranty claim is excellence, especially next business day warranty, my Dell monitor fail and they replace it next day at my place without question ask, but same thing happen to Samsung LCD, i have to drive 30km to drop my monitor then wait for call in 2- 4 week time and collect the monitor after month but it not guaranty working perfectly . ......

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    I've had good experience with Dell computers but I've never called them before.

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    I've had good experiences with the hardware before. My first experience of trying to directly order from them, and probably due to the increased volume over President's Day, this go has been crap.
    I've done Mac in the past 3 years, non-plussed with how much more the computer costs for what I got for the money. Actually on a 2 year old Dell now with failing parts not covered by warranty since I had the gall to move to another country.
    I may still end up buying the machines when I have another 3 hours to burn on the phone with the farmed out call centers if they are the cheapest price. Just no good off the shelf Linux options here in Italy (where I am now) nor where I am in Germany normally that compete with their prices for what I'm wanting right now.

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    The linux version of the Dell Vostro v13 Laptop is cheap @ $399. What the cost of a computer in Germany and Italy?

    Dell Vostro v13 Laptop Details | Dell

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    I have been using this dell for about 4 years now.
    Never had a problem with any of the hardware.
    Though it is a b*tch to clean inside.

    Found a refurbished dell yesterday for $299, free shipping.
    But turned it down as only 2gb ram.

    Check out ebay sometime.
    Should still be a lot of authorized dell sellers on there.
    They unload a lot at below dell's official prices.

  10. I've had great experience with Dell customer service -- but with Dell the customer service you get depends upon the model you purchase. If you purchase a Latitude, you get great customer service. If you purchase an Inspiron, well, you get a good price.
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