Firmware development is a process, which is adopted by many of the firms, as one of the methods to reach the top position in the market. All of them want to succeed and excel in the competition, for which they use advanced and novel technologies, in order to increase the speed of their product. The firmware, if developed effectively, will help to increase the speed and save time. A firmware, in general, is referred to as a combination of software and hardware. To define more precisely, it is a computer program that is embedded in a hardware device. They include the computer chips, such as PROMs (programmable read-only memory), ROMs (read-only memory) and EPROMs (erasable programmable read-only memory), that embed the data or program in them.

Firmware boosts up the microcontroller to perform certain functions, by controlling its CPU state-machine. It aims at making the final code embedded in the non volatile memory. It triggers both the design related functions and the testing actions. The firmware development process finds its applications in many industries and areas, which include the chips in digital music players, the control and timing systems in washing machines, the channel list control in TV, the audio and video controls in television, computers and many consumer products.

Firmware update services are availed by many in order to place the concerned product successfully in top positions in the market. The manufacturers, as well as, the software providers too, provide the firmware update services, which are nowadays important for many of the electronic equipments.