For this project my thinking is to:

* Grab data from real-time price feeds that are displayed in a Java applet. In my case it is stock prices provided by
* Process the price data with various algorithms according to trading strategies to produce buy/sell alerts

Professional investment companies use software to automatically place trades based on programmatical investment strategy. So I am thinking to attempt to create this kind of software for personal use.

The first step is to extract data from a web page that displays the price information. This entails finding the memory locations of where the price data is displayed in the web browser. Then the data is piped to a buffer to capture the prices along with the time of the snapshot.

The next step is to process the data with various algorithms to create the alerts and analysis of what is happening in the markets. These algorithms could be inputed as some kind of scripting language to simplify the rules that are being added.

I don't know if anybody here is interested in getting involved in this kind of project?

Assets that you can bring to the table are:

* You have access to real-time price/data feeds for stock prices, forex etc.
* You can code Java applets (so that you can work out how to probe the data that the price feeds are displaying)
* Programming skills (C#, C++, Java etc.)

I want to code the main GUI App in C# because I want to get proficient in C# programming and this was my idea for a coding project to do for this purpose.

So, does anyone want to join me on this project?