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Thread: iPhone Exploit Exposed at Black Hat

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    iPhone Exploit Exposed at Black Hat

    Here’s the security breakdown:

    1. The major issue is a security flaw involving SMS. Specifically, the hack can control an iPhone remotely, including your iPhone’s camera, Safari, and more. It can even send messages to friends in your address book, which is where this hack becomes scariest.

    2. The hack works by sending you code in an SMS message (or a series of messages) that crashes your iPhone. After that, your iPhone is theirs to use.

    3. The offending text would come in the form of a single square character. If you get the square character, turn off your phone IMMEDIATELY.

    4. You only have to receive the message to get hacked; you don’t even have to do anything with the text message.

    5. The flaw was discovered by noted security expert Charlie Miller, who has hacked everything from MacBook Airs to Second Life, and partner Collin Mullinger.

    6. The attack was presented publicly at the Black Hat conference. The duo decided to do this after Apple gave them no response back in July, when they provided Apple with information on the security flaw. The goal is to bring attention to the flaw (which they are clearly getting....

    iPhone Hack Exposed: The Key Facts

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    no squares on our phones
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    They obviously got someones attention.
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  5. I can't get the patch to install on my older model iPhone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    I can't get the patch to install on my older model iPhone.
    I think it's funny that you posted in GC just to taunt me.

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