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Thread: List your favorite Firefox plugins!

  1. I am using search Status and it is good to check no-foloow and do-follow links ...

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    Have multiple accounts I recommend this plugin: - cookieswap: index

    1 click and you can change cookies so no need to log in each time with your other accounts

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    The web developer toolbar, thats one of my favourites, I also really like the HTML validator addon, those coupled with Firebug and your FF is perfect for web dev. I might try that SenSEO myself, sounds quite good.

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    Useful FireFox Addons :

    - Cybersearch
    - OpenItOnline
    - Web Of Trust -
    - Tab Kit
    - Deng Google Bookmarks

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    no one using download plugin ???
    i use down them all

  6. I use a firefox add-on called ScreenGrab that allows me to screen capture anything in the browser. I find it pretty useful for doing screen captures.
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    Pixlr Grabber (grab, edit, share, save or copy images) :

  8. most of the FF ad-ons i use were cited here

    to add up:
    - SEOpen
    - Fireshot
    - Informenter
    - autofill
    - roboform
    - google toolbar

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    I'd add Tamper Data
    When you submit a form, and want to check what
    exactly you are submitting, this tool comes very handy.
    I use it a lot for checking webapp vulnerability.

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    Now that site speed is a ranking factor with Google, don't forget about YSlow. It works with FireBug and is good for finding ways to speed up your sites. I cut the loading time in half for some of my sites by following the YSlow advice.

    Yahoo! YSlow for Firebug
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