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Thread: List your favorite Firefox plugins!

  1. i use nodofollow ad on for spamming i now use Tor to concoct IP.

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    Greasemonkey and dozens of scripts for it.

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    I love using SEO Quake, Tweak Network, and Imacros

  4. Exclamation Firefox Plugins/Extensions. That Is All.

    I've used Camino, Opera, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox over the past year and a half (Internet Explorer can die for all I care). Out of the five (or six), I've got to say that I'm still a Firefox fanatic. The speed and versatility, as well as expandability, make it absolutely the best browser out there. My question to you is, which extensions and/or plugins do you use to best work your browser for the tasks you perform? I use the following:

    AdBlock Plus: Which is great until you want to see what your own ads look like, then you have to go make an exception for your page. But it's a good tool to speed up page load times.

    AddThis: So I can easily Digg/Stumble your blog posts. And mine, when necessary.

    Better Gmail 2: I like he enhanced interface so much more than the simple, basic Gmail.

    Customize Google: I Google search a lot, and this addon takes out all the spam , ads, and other features that are completely unneccesary in a search.

    Download Statusbar: Fuck download windows that pop-up every time you download a file.

    Download Helper: Download YouTube vid with this, convert with iSquint, watermark with iMovie, reupload to YouTube, the end.

    Fission: Thinking about taking this one off. My status bar doesn't appreciate the blue tint.

    Google Preview: I get a little screenshot of the page in the Google search results next to the link. It's nice, as it lets me know what sites will get an automatic database error or 404.

    Greasemonkey: NECESSARY.

    Reload Every: For when i feel I need to manipulate pageviews on a site page without worrying about IP/uniques (ergo: testing or updating), this is the bombastic.

    Screengrab: This saves a webpage as an image. Useful for sites where you need quick screenshots of a page.

    TinEye Image Search: For those of you who haven't heard of TinEye, it's a great bullshit detector for photos. With this plugin, all you have to do is right click on the photo and search TinEye, and it brings up results for where else that photo is.

    TorButton: Seamless Tor integration into Firefox, even when Tor sucks nowadays.

    TwitterBar: I can post to Twitter from my address bar. Fast and easy, and very much aprpeciated.

    iMacros: Learning the ropes of Tor/iMacros to shoot my profits through the roof with automation and anonymity.

    SEO Quake: An awesome tool to grab all sorts of SEO information about any given site.

    What extensions do you use? I know there are several for SEO, but I haven't gotten around to installing them yet.
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    Web Developer Tools make my firefox even more powerful, also Firebug and many other add-ons. I once tried to make my own firefox theme

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    Favourite Firefox add-on

    What is your favourite Firefox add-on ? Mine is probably Adblock Plus.

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    Re: Favourite Firefox add-on

    Fast Dial

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    I don't use any add-ons but I might try out that ad block plus. Sounds interesting.

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    Firebug, a coders pet.

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    Greasemonkey - Helps be bypass sharecash downloads ;D

    Check4Change - I help increase my friends youtube video views by a little bit with this, and a proxy

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