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Thread: List your favorite Firefox plugins!

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    List your favorite Firefox plugins!

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    I love firebug

    I also have screengrab and colorzilla, plus a bunch of seo plugins.

  3. Tab Mix Plus is a great one. Firefox would be barely usable for me without the vastly improved tab management it provides.
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    SEO For Firefox is awesome. If you like that one, you will probably also like SEO Link Analysis and Link Diagnosis

    Quote Originally Posted by elbandelero View Post
    I love firebug

    I also have screengrab and colorzilla, plus a bunch of seo plugins.
    Firebug is incredible.

    If you like Colorzilla, you may also like Measure It and Web Developer.

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    Tabs plugin and the DownThemAll plugin

  6. downloadthemall

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    I use FoxyProxy to browse the web anonymously.

    I use Stealthier to make sure that Firefox doesn't store personal information on the PC that I'm using.

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    These are the ones I'm using atm:
    SearchStatus 1.27
    Java Quick Starter (Standard on FF?)
    Google Preview 3.17 (shows websites screens when surfing google)
    Alexa Sparky
    Adblock Plus

    The ones I mostly use is SearchStatus (on every site, I check most sites' alexa & PR)
    Adblock Plus

    This is it I think, might add some more as I see there are good ones in this thread

    |Nico Lawsons

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