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Thread: Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview Released, Download and try yourself, its FREE

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    Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview Released, Download and try yourself, its FREE

    Source: Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview Released, Download and try yourself, its FREE

    Tired of just hearing when Microsoft Windows 8 going to release to public? Well its you lucky day. Microsoft Finally released the Consumer Preview version of Windows 8 to public. So now people can just download and have a look what they are getting in this OS and whats the fuss is all about.

    Download ISO file size is about range from 2.5GB to 3.4GB depending on which version you are going to try. Comes on both 32-bit and 64-bit version.

    According to Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky, they’re already bracing themselves from the hordes of Windows 8-hungry users. The servers seem to be coping with the load just fine for right now (thanks for the heads up, commenters), but we’ll see how things progress as more people hear about it.

    On the other note, Microsoft has also provided users with the necessary system requirements for running the Consumer Preview, and they are just the same as what Windows 7 required. 1GHz processor and DirectX9 or later is a must, the rest of the requirement depends on which version of the OS you would like to run. If you’re a 32-bit user, you’ll only need 1GB of RAM and 16GB of disk space, while those who wish to use 64-bit need at least 2GB of RAM and 20GB available on their hard drives.

    Windows 8 Consumer preview can be downloaded here — enjoy! (Oh, and let us know what you think.)

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    Microsoft Windows 8?
    I am happy to read these reviews about it.

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    download, install and bla bla bla ......
    end result : windows 8 is fail to load on your computer, restock back to win 7

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    @SonnyCool you are much braver than I am How long did it take you to try, fail, reinstall?

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    I tried it and it worked fine. But I first created a separate 20GB partition on my hard drive. There are plenty of tutorials for this online e.g. Burnt the ISO download to a DVD. Then selected custom install to install it to the new partition.

    Before creating the new partition I ran the Aus Logics disk defrag. to tidy up the files.

    Since it's only a preview, I would never replace the existing Windows 7 with it.

    The main changes that I noticed are:
    It uses your Windows live login to try and keep you connected online. I would rather use a simple password than the obscure one of my windows account password.
    It has a start screen that works like it is on a tablet PC or mobile device. Pressing the Windows start key toggles between this and a more familiar desktop.
    The desktop is missing the start menu.
    After logging out, it seems to power off instantly.

    It looks like they are pushing us hard to use a tablet PC and the Windows App store. Thankfully, a traditional desktop is still there.
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    A little neg. that I noticed is that the boot-loader is slow to present the options for the various OS's that you may have installed. In my case: Ubuntu, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

    Before, I had the Linux boot loader that fired up straight away, but the Windows 8 preview seems to have replaced it with a graphical one that takes a while to load, in fact it seems to reboot the system to arrive at the OS selection screen. So this needs to be fixed.

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