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  • Eh? Wha? Who needs a phone? I like living in the dark ages.

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Thread: Mobile Phones

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    Mobile Phones

    When I moved to Singapore I got an iPhone 3G. Since then, the grass has been greener and I've really wanted a Blackberry. Although the iPhone has been pretty nifty and I've rather enjoyed not having to carry both my iPod and a cellphone when going for a jog, I miss having a stylus. I'm curious as to what mobile phones people around here like.

    So here's a poll.

    Note: If you answer other, definitely let us know what phone you have!

    Diet Fads

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    New Zealand
    I wish i had an i phone but i have 2 phones they are both crap but they do the job first one is a Vodafone 715 or something it has mp3 and video but thats about it and the second is a Hyundai something it only send sms and calls and has a tiny little camera.
    Edit 1. By the way I answered other

  3. I used to have a blackberry pearl, which was a great phone

    Now i have a Samsung tocco

    I wish i had a sony Xperia

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    I made results public. Click on the number of votes to view who voted for what phone, etc.

    Diet Fads

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    I'm willing to buy the new iPhone, but I'm good with my Samsung J700 It does its job (sms'ing and calling).

    For internet I have a pc, for music I have an iPod (althoug there are 200 songs on my phone), for videos I have a TV & PC so the moment I have enough, but once I have some more money I'll buy an iPhone
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I have Black Berry Bold (9000), it is very good for e-mails being a push technology and also many features are very good.
    It is really good for the office kind of work.

    I do not know Nokia N97 is launched there or not, but here it is coming next week, looks good and many are of the opinion will be good for browsing. I think it is advisable to but that after having users report.

  7. Dark ages weren't much fun, the middle ages on the other hand I'd like to live in

    I got nokia e61

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    I love anything running Windows Mobile.

    Currently I'm using a Bluebelt as both my Qtek 9090 and my HTC Tytn died.

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    Well, I simply love Nokia phones.
    The Symbian OS is the one I like.

    - Digital -

  10. i m on motoroola and nokia , planning sony next month

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