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Thread: My new laptop skin!!

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    Talking My new laptop skin!!

    I always got fed up and bored of the same old cover of DELL laptops. So I promised myself when I get a new one, that I would make a point of getting a custom skin.

    So here it is.......what you think?

    And of course the spec....

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    What is the design of?

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    I think it looks real cool nice decision on deciding not to go for a normal one
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    Yeah, really nice.

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    my laptop skin

    The design is of Deus Ex 3

    It is supposed to be released this year. So that skin is some artwork for the upcoming release.

    Quote Originally Posted by homebizseo View Post
    What is the design of?

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    It looks cool! How did you make it? Or is it just a sticker?

    |Nico Lawsons

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    My new laptop skin!!

    I simply got a high res picture and then went to

    They made it for me. The extra benefit of the laptop skin is that it is scratch resistant too. It is also shiny and as a result you could spill a small amount of water or whatever and it wont affect the laptop (only the top of course).

    However of course I am pretty careful and I have never damaged my own equiment (er ok one exception but it was a desktop I built and forgot artic silver lol)

    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarezz View Post
    It looks cool! How did you make it? Or is it just a sticker?

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    Usually i don't like lappi skins, but in this snaps it's pretty cool buddy!!

    Fine and great!! I liked it. . Your configuration also great. . I am also using DELL. .

    Go Dell i prefer!! lol

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