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Thread: Need help with the Power Switch of my Desktop PC

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    Need help with the Power Switch of my Desktop PC

    The power switch of my desktop pc has broken and I need to replace it.

    Are there different power switches for different motherboards? or any power switch can start up my PC?? I don't know if power switches are different for different PCs. I don't wanna end up with a power switch which is incompatible with my motherboard.

    My PC is an Intel Dual Core with 250W SMPS.

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    It could be that the main power supply or the motherboard connector to the power supply is faulty. The fan could be spinning but that does not mean that power is being supplied to every place else. If the button itself is broken you could take it back to the manufacturer or pick one up at an electronic store.
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    Well, there was a problem with my power switch cos it physically broke.. but now I manage to work with it by connecting the pins of the power switch.

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    The power switches are usually just simple 'push-to-make' generic types on most modern PC's and can be replaced easily enough with parts available from your local electronics retailer (Maplin/Radio Shack etc.). They may be glued into the case though. You'll need to solder the wires back on to the new switch of course. The button part is normally just a plastic cover in most cases and is more to match the casing than to switch anything. It'll have a bit sticking out at the back that connects to the actual switch.

    <safety> NOTE: Take care when doing anything involving electricity and make sure you unplug (not just switch off) from the main power point BEFORE attempting any repairs. </safety>

    Or you could take it to a repair shop (and pay a small fortune) and have it done for you.
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