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Thread: New laptop I just got!!!

  1. ill take a picture with my digital camera later

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    I have only laptops as well. My first was a comodore in 1990...Then I got a Toshiba in 1992. Both monochrome...
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    Toshiba is my favorite brand bar none.

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    I build my PC myself
    ASUSTek P5Q, Intel Q6600, Caviar Blue 640GB, G.Skill PC6400 2x2GB, Gainward HD4870 GS...

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    Congratulations epidemic!:-bd
    I am also planning to buy a new laptop with in another few months!

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    Before buying laptop, there are few things that you need to consider. Now a days laptop use in different purpose like gaming,Internet use, In my opinion light laptop use it's easy to carry. There are various laptop brand available in the market. In my suggestion the Toshiba is the best laptop brand among them,

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    I had a PC in 90-s, but since 2000s work just on a laptop and this is much better.

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    That's right, these day you will find more and more people with laptops as it proves to be quiet convenient and with the better technology making its way into the market, it seems that the laptop will in the near future will be replaced with an even better technology.

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    I'm not a fan of laptops, but a good tablet would come in handy. But, Solid State Drives are still too expensive which is keeping the cost of tablets too high.

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