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Thread: The Next Killer iPhone App!

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    The Next Killer iPhone App!


    Me and a friend are planning to make an iPhone app, yet we are not sure what to develop. I would appreciate if you guys help out by suggesting few apps which you think need more attention on the market and/or have not been introduced yet!


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    any ideas?

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    Maybe some cool kind of action game . . . or arcade game (those are my favourites) or maybe an app for netbuilders! Where you can log in, and view your subscribed threads etc. But as long as you don't make it too expensive, I promise to download it.

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    Are you talking about a free app or one that you would sell through the iTunes store?

    This probably is not what you had in mind, but what's really missing with the iPhone is a good spam filter. I get hundreds of spam messages per day with my main e-mail accounts and it is really annoying to constantly delete these on the iPhone.

    Most iPhone users who need spam filtering are forwarding their messages to a GMail account and bringing the mail into the iPhone through GMail. GMail does a good job with spam filtering.

    I have to assume that there are some large hurdles with integrating spam filtering into the iPhone; otherwise, there would be a number of spam filters available.

    If someone came up with a good solution for this problem and sold it for $9.95, they would probably sell millions of copies.
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    Think of something that people would find useful. Are you looking to target any specific group?

    I'd personally love a working iPhone SSH Client that isn't $20 (there used to be a good one but apparently it doesn't work well anymore) and [s]iPhone optimized Google Analytics[s] (nevermind there is one).

    Just think of things that you, as a web designer, do on a daily basis on the computer and think of simpler ways of doing those things on the go.
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