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Thread: Opera browser

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    Opera browser

    Opera is web browser by the Opera software company from Norway with first version developed in now far 1994.
    Opera is free for use browser, for personal computers and mobile phones. There are versions of Opera for all Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Free BSD and Solaris as also older versions for some less known operating systems.
    It is the only modern browser who will easily work on your older computers with Windows 95 - 98.
    Opera was the first browser with tab system and also invented much other options...

    Some of the options in latest version of Opera.

    - Fit to window
    - Page Zooming
    - Voice control
    - Content blocker
    - Download manager
    - Mouse gestures
    - Popup blocking
    - Sessions
    - Speed dial
    - Tabs
    - Error console
    - Wand - password manager
    - Trash can
    - M2 mail client
    - news client
    - Opera link
    - irc chat client
    - bittorent client
    - Privacy control
    - Fraud protection
    - Themes
    - Browsing tools
    - User Java Script plugins
    - Fraud protection
    - Widgets

    All this and many more options, which are not mentioned, are all packed in only 5,4 MB or 7.8 MB if you include international version with many languages included.
    Opera is probably the best standard compliant browser out there.
    Opera tabs are different then from other browsers. You can arrange it, cascade it, tile it, move it, duplicate it, restore it and customize it. You can customize and move every element you need or you dont need. With skin change and hiding some elements you can make it looks simpler then Chrome.

    Download latest 9.63 version of
    Opera Web Browser | Faster & safer | Download the new Internet browsers free
    Please keep this topic ontopic!
    Customized Opera print screen

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  2. Firefox crashes so much that I find myself using Opera more and more these days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    Firefox crashes so much that I find myself using Opera more and more these days.

    people who use opera for more then few month becomes addicted.
    because of way how things in Opera work.
    for example i cant live without progrees bar setuped to popup at bottom

    and how adress bar is all selected on just one click on it

    and how can adress bar is bellow the tabs

    but that was all the small things

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    I've had some issues as of late with text input forms in Opera.

    It also seems to be a memory hog.

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    I used Opera for about 2-3 Years, mainly because it was the only browser to support WML natively (Firefox WML plugin rendered the pages horribly)

    Opera are doing well for themselves as a company, with Browsers for Computers, Mobile Phones, Smart Phones, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, they are doing quite a few good things, and I remember back in the day when they used to have ads in the browser program itself, now that was a definate turn-off for the browser, but glad they got rid of it

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    I have opera in my PC but most of the time I use only Chrome.

    - Digital -

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    I think opera is good, when people don't want to see any porn related pictures in the particular websites. . lol or any porn ads. .

    Most of the girls at home are using this browser. .

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    ^^^ I feel that opera mini is good for mobile users. Its simply the best and fastest.

    - Digital -

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    Yes,opera serves best it seems!
    I am going to shift to opera from firefox as i am facing crashes with FF!

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    I just removed my Opera 9.64 and installed Opera 10 Beta 1.

    I must admit that this browser is pure evil. Facebook is flying on it. There is no more that stop and go thing that happening sometimes.

    All pages are flying on it.

    Acid 3 is owned score is 100/100.
    The Acid3 Test

    Try this link with your browser.

    New look is there but my favorite skin is working on it.

    M2 mail client is improved bunch of small things are noticable, like when you delete mail by mistake and do undo, mail is listed now corectly on its original place.

    Did I mention Java Script speed. Manager League game, that was made entirely of Java Scrip is like working with hot knife and a putter

    I think everyone need to try it!

    Only one problem: my SEObar plugin not work anymore, looking for workaround

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