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Thread: Problem with my PC.

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    Problem with my PC.

    Well, my PC is 2.5 years old and i think its starting to go down. For past few months my PC has slowed down a lot. even though there are no additional junk softwares that have been installed.

    Even my DVD writer is behaving stupidly. taking 4 hours to burn a data dvd of 4.7GB(4X). my mozilla crashes everyday, even after reinstalling it. and the folders open very slowly.

    For last one week, when i start my PC, the monitor doesn't switch on for 5-6 mins. And last night, my PC just switched off by itself. when i started ti again it said the device experienced thermal overheating.

    My PC stays on for 6-8 hours daily and its been like that since i bought it. But its only now that the overheating took place.

    Do you think all this slowing down of PC and DVD writer are linked to the overheating??

    is it because of some virus?? my anti-virus subscription expired last month and i haven't bought one yet..i only use an antispyware(ad-aware).

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    Quote Originally Posted by rome9t9 View Post
    And last night, my PC just switched off by itself.
    This same thing has happened to me with two of myolder computers. It is very annoying. But now I have "new" (almost 2 years old) computer. I never have had any problems with this one. But still in the futeture, I'm going to make my very own computer all by myself. (Well, lets see how it goes. )

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    Are your fans operating as they should? When was the last time you did a disk defrag?

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    Once I had lot of dust accumulated in the fans which reduced their speed and hence caused overheating problems... try checking that.

    Regarding your shutting down problem, check if your RAM is not properly fitted or any loose connections. Also run a registry cleaner for cleaning dead old registries that slows down the PC considerably.

    Also, have you thought of reinstalling OS? This is the best ever solution when it comes to Windows

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    Uninstall Firefox. Make sure you remove Mozilla Firefox folder as well.

    Then follow this steps.

    1) Disk Cleanup.
    2) Disk Defragmenter.
    3) Removed unused files from your system. Use CCleaner to do that.
    4) Check your casing fan and cpu cooler; remove any dust found.
    5) Add another 1gb ram if you have less than 2gb.
    6) Update anti virus and scan your pc for spyware, virus or malware.

    What is your computer specs?

    What casing are you using? If you don't have good air flow inside your casing, open up the side window of your casing.

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    There could me many reasons of this:

    1- Dust in your CPU
    2- Your motherboard is expired :P
    3- Your power supply is not working properly.
    4- Your hard disk has bad sectors.
    5- You are infected from a virus
    6- Fan (s) is not working

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