Well, my PC is 2.5 years old and i think its starting to go down. For past few months my PC has slowed down a lot. even though there are no additional junk softwares that have been installed.

Even my DVD writer is behaving stupidly. taking 4 hours to burn a data dvd of 4.7GB(4X). my mozilla crashes everyday, even after reinstalling it. and the folders open very slowly.

For last one week, when i start my PC, the monitor doesn't switch on for 5-6 mins. And last night, my PC just switched off by itself. when i started ti again it said the device experienced thermal overheating.

My PC stays on for 6-8 hours daily and its been like that since i bought it. But its only now that the overheating took place.

Do you think all this slowing down of PC and DVD writer are linked to the overheating??

is it because of some virus?? my anti-virus subscription expired last month and i haven't bought one yet..i only use an antispyware(ad-aware).