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Thread: Reports claim Facebook recently lost 11 million users in the U.S and UK

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    Reports claim Facebook recently lost 11 million users in the U.S and UK

    Facebook users are quitting the social network in droves due to privacy concerns and fear of internet addiction, according to new research.Increasing numbers are taking part in what's been dubbed 'virtual identity suicide' and deleting their accounts.

    Analysis of more than 600 people, by researchers from the University of Vienna, found that data protection issues and social pressure to add friends were also among the reasons for leaving.
    Others quoted shallow conversations, general dissatisfaction and loss of interest in the site.

    Earlier this year research showed Facebook had lost nine million monthly users in the United States and two million in Britain.
    Psychologist Stefan Stieger from the university recorded each of the 600 participants' responses to assessment measures based on their level of concern over various issues.

    Those who stopped using social media were more concerned about privacy, had higher addiction scores and tended to be more conscientious.
    Professor Stieger said: 'It could be possible that personality traits influence the likelihood of quitting one's Facebook account indirectly via privacy concerns and Internet addiction.
    'In this case, the concern about one's privacy and Internet addiction propensity would not be directly in charge for quitting one's Facebook account, but would function as mediators of the underlying personality traits.

    Compared to the sample of those who continued to use Facebook, the quitters were older, on average, and more likely to be male.
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    It looks like more people are finally getting smart about FaceBook. I use FaceBook as little as possible and consider it to be the worst of the major social networks.

    1. The design is the equivalent of 10 pounds of crap in a 5-pound sack. The design is a mess, which is why spiders have a difficult time working with it and why Google abandoned trying to use FaceBook social signals for ranking.

    2. Zuckerberg is a bonafide scumbag who has repeatedly been caught selling users' private information in violation of his own policies. He is someone who cannot be trusted.

    I have no idea as to why so many people find FaceBook to be appealing. It is one of many great mysteries about user behavior on the Internet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TopDogger View Post
    I have no idea as to why so many people find FaceBook to be appealing.
    FarmVille. lol

    Also Facebook, unlike Google+, retains your information since you can't delete your account...only "suspend" it. Also yeah, Facebook is under privacy watch for like the next 20 or so years since they have violated privacy laws so many times.

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