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Thread: Revolutionary Air Car Engine

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    Revolutionary Air Car Engine

    That's a genius invention
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    This is really great invention and hope that we could able to see this kind of engine in future for sure. This kind of things are able to change the world.

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    Actually, in this video are shown two different innovative engine technologies. And the idea to joining this two technologies in to one engine.

    First one is compressed air driven engine, and the second one is new concept for engine block that is somehow more efficient.

    Thanks for shearing the video

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    The Australian version looks very similar in configuration to a Wankel rotary engine, such as Mazda ran in their early years. It's also similar to the pneumatic motors found in many air tools. As the video says, contact between parts is minimal, and some teflon coating and/or light lubrication injected with the air can make them fairly durable.

    I can't see them as practical for large vehicles such as trucks or buses, but for a two or three passenger city car, which is what generates the vast majority of our vehicular air pollution, it has real possibilities.

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