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Thread: Sandwich Maker for your Car

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    Sandwich Maker for your Car

    Check out this sandwich maker (commonly known as toaster) which can be a good addition for your portable kitchen.
    Named Road Pro 12 Volt Sandwich Maker, the device gets power from the cigarette lighter socket. The power cord only measures 5 foot, but since the cooking sessions are made inside the car, you probably don’t need much space…


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    A Dutch person got a fee of €150,- because he was eating from his sandwich while waiting for the traffic light to turn green. The cops did him stop one street further, and told him he wasn't allowed..

    Things like that make me think, that the Belgian government is in need of money again. A person that had a weed plantage (a big farm full of weed, he earned millions every year) got in jail for a few days (maybe a little bit more than a week) and he could go away (but since he had so much money, it's possible he paid the government).

    Things in the world go about money only, glad there is some friendship over at NB Thanks for the article btw!
    |Nico Lawsons

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