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Thread: Speedtest - Your result...

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    Mine is so slow -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jorge05r View Post
    Are you serious? If that's your real speed you can download a movie in less than 3 minutes while it takes me almost 30 minutes which I consider pretty fast.

    By the way, my speed is:
    3 minutes is about right.

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    nice, how much you pay and is your connection at home or are you connected from somewhere else?

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    Mine is here

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    Not so hot on the ul though. Suppose to be 20/5.

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    My result is

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    This is such a strange thing, for me all pages load to slow, still my download is pretty fast -- I wonder how slow things must go for other people that don't even reach 1Mbps

    Or is it also fast for you?
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Quote Originally Posted by deluxdon View Post
    Ahhhh... Too slow for me


    My god. It would be faster to run a printout to its destination than email it with speeds like that.

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    Is that fast? I have no clue.
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