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Thread: Tech questions your grandchild can answer

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    Tech questions your grandchild can answer

    I figure I'm not the only one that occasionally runs into nagging little things like questions about why my browser does {whatever}. There are people here that probably know off the top of their head... but some of us wont know until we ask regardless of how common the knowledge elsewhere.

    So I figure maybe we can re-use this for quickie questions that dont require a thread of their own.

    I'm editing a directory using proprietary software, and the problem is not recurring with other users on the same software using the Chrome browser... so this is something *I* changed when I did a little cleaning of cookies and such the other day.

    When I click in a box to test certain data the client has input (checking their url for twitter or facebook, etc), the system pops the resulting url up in a new window. All of a sudden it is popping up in a MUCH smaller window than before.

    Anyone know how to set the default size of a popup window in Chrome?
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    See if this helps. It appears that Chrome is supposed to remember the last size that you set manually.

    Be careful using Chrome. Google may be using it as spyware. Lots of people, including myself, are seeing pages show up in Google's index that are in password protected areas that are also blocked with robots meta tags that GoogleBot should never be able to find. Conclusion: Google may be using Chrome as a supplemental GoogleBot.
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    If they weren't using Chrome as an analytic tool (ok, spyware) I'd be shocked. Google is all about gathering and selling info. I just happen to find it the fastest browser to edit with, so I put up with it. Given the plethora of unrelated crap I have to open in a given day, their profile of me must be colorful.

    That said... his fix didnt work. Appreciate you giving it a shot. There's bound to be a setting somewhere... it didnt change on my wifes laptop, just on mine. It makes me waste time on every site I edit... and it's driving me nuts.

    FWIW: It's incognito windows opening. I have no clue exactly why they are suddenly about 1 inch square, but they're useless until resized. I have up to 4 per edit. I'm a firm believer in minimizing keystrokes.
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    That does sound lie a browser configuration issue. There must be a checkbox somewhere that got checked.

    Do you possibly have too many tabs open? I saw some info somewhere on a Google page that stated that new windows and tab share some of the same properties and interact with each other.

    Here is a Google thread that covers what sounds like the same issue.

    I found the following PDF on the web. It covers a lot of configuration issues. There might be something in there.

    I don't use Chrome very often for three reasons:

    1. It very likely is spyware and they are monitoring what users are doing without their knowledge or permission.

    2. Due to the sparse menu system, it is too difficult to figure out how to fix problems like the one you ran into.

    3. Like many others, I am beginning to hate "all things Google." To web site owners, they are both a blessing and a curse, a dichotomy of good against evil. The evil part is winning the battle lately.

    I do use it when working with Google properties, such as AdWords or the Google Affiliate Network, because it is the only browser that works efficiently with their systems. The others are all too slow.
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    I don't use Chrome very often for three reasons
    I use Chrome for a very good reason, it is easy to save web videos to the hard disk. You can pause them and download the temporary pepper data file (after all the data was downloaded and you are using the built-in flash player of Chrome {enabled via a search of aboutlugins}). I didn't manage to do this easily with other browsers due to the file being locked in Windows. Also, you can run an Ad blocker in one browser and not in the other for example. For further details check out my WSO lol.

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    Dammit. None of the sources has the right answer so far. {insert profanity here}
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    Started on Beths computer when she had to reboot the other day. Gotta be some update kicking in. Been working my rear off on a backlog for a client... This shrunken screen popup thing is just a pain in the rear. If this is googles version of an improvement... Youd think theyd at least make it user adjustable like before.
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    Maybe under advanced settings you have page zoom set to a small value? What happens if you open a new tab rather than window? Maybe create a new browser user profile?

    Back to: Tech questions your grandchild can answer

    How to minimize all the windows at once in Windows? Press the Windows button and D together. Very handy!

    How to gently power off a computer? Press and hold the power button for a few seconds.

    How to avoid computer melt down? Vacuum the dust out of your PC every month or so.

    How to avoid stress? Use a password manager such as KeePass, and backup your important data.

    How to avoid chewing up a screw head? Put more effort into pushing down on the tool rather than twisting.

    How to avoid spilling oil? Make a paper cone to funnel the oil into the filler orifice, and have a plastic bag to keep the funnel in.

    How to do social networking? Switch off the computer and go to a party.

    How to avoid reading spam emails? Ignore the spam folder.

    What is the best way to prevent corrosion on unused connectors on the back of a flat panel TV?

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