I figure I'm not the only one that occasionally runs into nagging little things like questions about why my browser does {whatever}. There are people here that probably know off the top of their head... but some of us wont know until we ask regardless of how common the knowledge elsewhere.

So I figure maybe we can re-use this for quickie questions that dont require a thread of their own.

I'm editing a directory using proprietary software, and the problem is not recurring with other users on the same software using the Chrome browser... so this is something *I* changed when I did a little cleaning of cookies and such the other day.

When I click in a box to test certain data the client has input (checking their url for twitter or facebook, etc), the system pops the resulting url up in a new window. All of a sudden it is popping up in a MUCH smaller window than before.

Anyone know how to set the default size of a popup window in Chrome?