Toobla is an interesting site which is designed to let users easily embed media objects into web pages.

In their own words:

Toobla lets you easily collect, enjoy and share visual bookmarks to websites and other embeddable content (i.e. widgets like YouTube or other videos, photos, documents, games and widget applications).

Content of any kind can be collected into online folders that users can then easily share with friends via Twitter, Facebook, email or elsewhere on the social web.

Users can also create their own mashups of their favorite content, putting multiple things into a single widget which they can post to their blog, MySpace, Facebook or any site online.

Frequent users of the social web can have their content automatically sent to Toobla so that anything they bookmark or favorite while they find content online ends up on Toobla, thereby helping them to better organize and never forget where to find their favorite content online.

Do you think this a tool that people will use? Is this a tool that you, personally, would find useful? What do you think?