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Thread: Ubiquity for Firefox

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    Ubiquity for Firefox

    Has anyone used this Firefox add-on yet and have any comments on it?

    The video of it looks really neat

    Has very neat functions for saving time. I really like the translate feature and definitions as I am forever opening to find the meanings of words.

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    Looks pretty good!
    The maps thing is pretty good, but I don't use it that much so...

    It's a good addon, but I think I'll skip it, I don't have to translate words that much, mostly I understand it from the context

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    Nice. I think this is the future of the web. The web will probably be seamlessly mashable from anywhere, anytime. The only real obstacle is copyright laws. We don't know how the suits and lawyers will react to a more mashed up web where one entity's content is not really theirs but everyone's.

  4. As time goes on, I find myself wanting less and less content and more and more insulation from content.

    People keep finding new and interesting ways to push content in front of me and I keep looking for ways to keep it out of the range of my senses.
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