Does anyone know of a decent replacement for Outlook Express? It must work on Windows 7, that's why I need one. I've got a new comp and I want to transfer all my emails. The Windows Live Mail (so called) replacement sucks big time, it's just awful, and Thunderbird (recommended) isn't any better for what I want.

What I need is just ONE inbox for multiple email accounts, not separate inboxes for each account, that's just not practical, so I'm open to suggestions. I would also NEED to import all my old emails from OE (*.dbx files) and it could do with being pop3 too. Oh, and it could also do with being free as well (so Outlook/Office 2010 is out).

I know I don't want much, lol, and OE has it's faults but I'm used to it now after using it for 10/11 years and I can't find a suitable replacement, and I have looked. I'm having to use an old comp for email atm but it's a pain.