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Thread: What is a Bar Code Reader ?

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    Question What is a Bar Code Reader ?

    Well, I got it in my Mobile.(N95 8GB)

    Whenever I open it, my Camera starts and shows pics in some different format.

    Have you ever used it ?

    - Digital -

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    Barcode readers are 'non-contact' automatic data capture devices, operate only at short distances, and do not provide 'out of line of sight' reading. Also called barcode scanner or just scanner. A barcode reader, also called a price scanner . Barcode scanners can be connected to a computer through a serial port , keyboard port .

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    A barcode reader is a device used for decoding barcodes for the users...It consists of a lens and a light sensor converting optical impulses to electrical..Barcode scans the barcode and displays the deatils of a product like price,model.....

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    Wow...that last post is just a super job of copy and paste.
    Why can't people be original?

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    the only time i have used a bar code scanner is the one built into my calorie counter app on my iphone, i just scan the bar code of the of the food or drink im eating and it pulls up all the info i need, its pretty cool

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