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Thread: What is the best antivirus

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    Nothing works the best for me

    Actually I have AVG free on my computer right now just in case, but I've never had a virus in over a year plus I don't explore much or use warez.
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    For windows, I never had problems with AVAST !

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    I am a fan of Nortons

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    BitDefender do good job also.

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    Avast is the best antivirus I've ever used.

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    I have been using avast since over 6months now and never had any troubles in my pc though I do regularly scan it with online scanner by ESET and it detected trojan win32 in system volume information, so really wondering if avast is still as good as everyone says or not

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    I feel,avast anti virus is the best to use and it is free to download!

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    Avast is the best for me, didn't saw or found a better one.

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