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Thread: What is the best antivirus

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    You guys still use Antivirus?!

    I got tired of fussing with antivirus, antispyware, blahh blahh, long ago.. now i use an OS that "just works" and does not require me to fuss with that kind of stuff.. I won't mention the name for fear of being branded a troll

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    I'm happy with the free AVG. My computer packed it in once and I had to reformat, but I'm not sure if that was because of a virus.

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    I think Norton is very good for the protection of viruses.

  4. TRiED all in my 8 years experience -- nothing works better then your own surfing knowledge

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    Symantec Endpoint has worked superbly for me. Work issued copies for us to use a few months ago and I have loved it ever since.

  6. Nod32 has never let me down and so has kasperksy. But I prefer the former as it doesn't take up much resources as the other antivir.

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    Best antivirus so far is me not clicking on unknown stuff...Works great since Feb 1995...
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  8. There is no "best" anti virus. One that might be good today, might be out of business tomorrow. Use the one that uses the least amount of system resources and gets the job done.

    Personally, I like free avg.

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    I use McAfee, and on top of that, whenever I detect malware on my computer (happened twice so far), Malwarebyets does the job perfectly
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