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Thread: what is The Best Internet Browser

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1901gt View Post
    All are good. Only users make them bad.
    How could a user make it bad, it simple sucks if it does. A user can't fix all the IE6 incompatibility with web standards.

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    I think Mozilla Firefox is the best internet browser because of its features like tab button.

  3. The newest safari is officially the best .

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    New Opera 10 even in beta eats other browser

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    Quote Originally Posted by WebEvader View Post
    The newest safari is officially the best .
    It's loading very slow for me Or maybe it's just because Safari doesn't like Windows
    |Nico Lawsons

  6. im using google chrome too. like it.

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    My favourite Internet browser is mozilla firefox. Most of the people use this browser even I personally use this browser in my desktop. It's gives good download speed & is interesting to use. So,I suggests you to use this browser.

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    Google chrome is best one and i like to use because browsing does not stuck on it.

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    They're all good, but if I had to use specifics then Firefox for me!

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