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Thread: Will Linux Ever Become Mainstream?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stickycarrots View Post
    I don't think so either. I mean, Windows 7 has already passed up their market share. lol
    windows 7 pre-sale passed their market share lol
    I hope ubuntu manages to get 20% of the market share, they are awesome, I received kubuntu and ubuntu cds last week and I'm so happy with the stickers I have referred atleast 10 guys to ubuntu and I hope they end up loving it as much as I do, when linux becomes more user-friendly it can be a real threat to microsoft and i hope so

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    A bit offtopic, but about Windows 7, why?? Why would microsoft make another OS so soon. There is nothing wrong with vista. It runs fine on my pc.
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    I think maby people say vista sucks becuase they have low ram @ Lol
    Solution buy ram.. You can buy a common DDR2 1GB stick for like 20 USD.
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  3. it will soon dominate. the nearby computer store in our place sells computer set with ubuntu installed in it.

  4. Never!

    Its not user friendly enough for the end user, and unless mainstream computer manufactuers start to ship it and support it as OEM, it will be even longer then never.
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    I'm using Ubuntu (Linux) since April and I'm really happy.
    I have a very good user experience. You can't say that Ubuntu, Fedora., Mandriva.. are not user friendly !

  6. yes it will sundance. unix isn't new to us. its been there for decades and decades. its like windows in away too, you can still point and click. and if still it isnt user friendly for someone, that someone has to use the apt-get or yum. - these are the installer for those people.

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    Depends on the area of use.

    Linux is already the standard in lots of devices, e.g. my home router is linux powered.
    In the server world, Linux is a solid performer in most corporates and gaining more traction daily.

    Desktop, nope!
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    don't you guys think that Linux is already a mainstream in hosting world?

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    Linux is mainstream in the hosting world. Just about 90% of the servers on the market have some form of linux.

    Also don't forget the netbook market has uBuntu or some form of linux installed on quite a few models.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coastercraze View Post
    Also don't forget the netbook market has uBuntu or some form of linux installed on quite a few models.

    Thats why netbooks are so inexpensive, if they had windows, that would slap $100 - 200 on the netbook.

    But yeah Linux is the dominate OS in the hosting sector. For good reasons, its better suited for running a server is many ways I dont feel like explaining.
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