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Thread: Windows 7 freezing problems

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    well, I upgraded to windows 7 and haven't had this issue! post your computer specs maybe you all have something in common?

  2. Asus ul50a laptop:
    os: win7 premium
    cpu: ulv su7300
    memory: 4gb

  3. It freezes very unexpectedly, like when Youtube is playing, and I'm working in other windows. It doesn't look like it is caused by high load.

  4. That problem was somehow solved by itself. I think one of the recent win7 updates fixed it. Win7 is actually pretty cool

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    Yeah, no issues from the Win 7 box in our home (the 11 year old's laptop)...
    We need to upgrade her RAM to support normal tween computing behavior, but all else well with the OS.

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    I used to get the same problem as well. I reinstalled the OS using another CD and then i noticed it stopped giving me problems. Weird, but i think while installing the OS, some file might have got corrupted, thats the most common problem.
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