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    Hey guys I have just bought WINDOWS VISTA Business Premium edition for my Office PC. But its GUI is not easy to use as was in WINDOWS XP. Also VISTA is giving trouble in installing softwares which i have earlier installed in my WINDOWS XP.

    Are you also facing the same problems or happy with WINDOWS VISTA.

    Share your experience with WINDOWS VISTA
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    Hmm.. I used WIndows Vista only for 2 weeks then just left it and turned back to XP. Now I am using Windows 7.
    The thing is that Windows Vista is really good if you are looking for Bussiness and Featured Computer BUT not for speed.
    If Speed, XP is the answer ALSO Windows 7 Beta is also speedy and good for a beta

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    idont like vista i prefer media center

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    It's a fact that most of the users of vista had turned back to XP cuz first of all it really lacks the gaming features an OS should have, secondly it looks like that main concept to built it was for business applications for example big organizations. Even though it didn't provided the users with the great features as promised by microsoft. So onyl one thing I need to say atlast.
    Vista sux!

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    I use windows XP and reason I like it is that I think its the best full and perfect OS Microsoft has created so far. I still hasn't feel any need to upgrade it to Vista. Also Vista need more hardware to work better.

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    Isnt there already a thread for this?

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    I Will say that Xp is the best

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