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Thread: Are you using a Digital Camera?

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    I am using a CanonPowerShot S1 IS digital camera It giving me good performance.

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    Sony branded digital camera are of good quality.

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    I use a Canon EOS 400D. It's a great camera even if it's a bit old by now. I use it mainly for taking motorsport pics.

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    There are various brand available in the market for Digital camera like Canon,Nikon and Kodak is the most popular brand in the digital camera. But I choose one and only it's Nikon brand camera. I personally use this brand camera. I suggest you to use this brand camera. Thank for sharing.

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    yes, I have been using digital camera i have Nikon with 10 Mp

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    Have had several digitals, but the most recent is long since outdated compared to the average camera phone, so i'm due for an update.
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    Loving my Canon 400D. So I'd say Canon

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    Well,according to my opinion Nikon d5100 is the best digital camera available in the latest trend...Being a camera with SLR features it provides high quality images and has 16.2 megapixel sensor.The flexible 3 inch LCD screen makes it unique and special.......... Obviously Nikon d5100 would be a good choice and "enjoy clicking"......

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