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Thread: 100% Unique Hosting Template

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    100% Unique Hosting Template

    This is a hosting template I did for a client a couple months ago but client disappeared even when he had paid for deposit, didn't receive psd, his website is down, who knows what happens. Anyways here's the template, I'm just looking for a good offer.

    Post here if interested and your bid. This auction is only for PSD file, if you want it coded I could offer you my xhtml/css services.

    Start @ $35
    Increment $2
    BIN: Make an offer

    Auction Ends in 5 days unless no one bids for the minimum bid.
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    Must the credit to your website stay or not?

    - Aquarezz
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarezz View Post
    Must the credit to your website stay or not?

    - Aquarezz
    The link could be completely removed, it's not required at all.
    However I do have the right to show this work in my portfolio as part of my work, that's all

    Anyone interested in starting the bid?

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    How much extra for the XHTML / CSS coding?
    Also how much per inner page?
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    Come on guys, I've reduced the price to ONLY $20.00 for a unique PSD DESIGN, this price is very low but I just need some extra cash for my son's birthday and I'm trying to sell everything I own, actually not everything, but as much as possible like all unused templates and proxy sites I own.

    You may use this design and modify it to fit any other type of site, blog, mostly anything you may have in mind.

  6. $30 from me if you can code it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSDproxies View Post
    $30 from me if you can code it!
    It's only PSD file, maybe you could find someone at DP to code it at an affordable price. I'm very busy at the moment to start other projects, Sorry

  8. I can think of four NetBuilders who offer PSD->XHTML conversion services:

    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
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    THAT'S correct , lots of coders available
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