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Thread: Free Premium Wordpress Themes By Wpthemepremium

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    Free Premium Wordpress Themes By Wpthemepremium

    Free Premium Wordpress Theme: Cruises Mulition

    Cruises Multion is a Cruises style, high quality WordPress Blog theme from The fresh and special theme features auto popular posts, adsense ready, valid XHTML, powerful theme options panel as well as multi-level dropdown menus.

    Live Demo | Download | Theme URL

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    Free Premium Wordpress Theme: Extremellow

    Extremellow is a fresh WordPress natural theme with a responsive layout from The simple yet nice design allows your website to display optimally at all browser widths and on all media devices. Admirable features include customizable working contact form, multi -level dropdown menus, jQuery image gallery, homepage sliders and many more.

    Live Demo | Download | Theme URL

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    Free Premium Wordpress Theme: Deluxury

    Deluxury is a professional and stylish WP them from The premium theme includes a variety of distinctive features, such as, auto popular posts, easy logo customization, threaded comments, valid XHTML as well as the powerful theme options panel, etc

    Live Demo | Download | Theme URL

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    Free Premium Wordpress Theme: Adventure Fantop

    Designed for all the adventure fans, the Adventure Fantop theme from is among the most ideal travel theme. The most attractive parts of Adventure Fantop lie in its easy logo customization, threaded comments, customizable working contact form, homepage sliders and more.

    Live Demo | Download | Theme URL

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    Free Premium Wordpress Theme: Air Travel Yelpoo

    Widely acknowledged as an excellent work of, Air Travel Yelpoo is an awesome theme which lets you customize a variety of features from your Dashboard. This theme has valid XHTML, gravatar support, adsense ready features. Furthermore, it is compatible with the latest WorldPress and its banner positions can be turned on/off.

    Live Demo | Download | Theme URL

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    Free Premium Wordpress Theme: Movietheater

    Featuring wonderful layout and modern design, Movietheater is a pretty powerful and typical WP theme comes from This theme highlights super feast you could gain from various wonderful film posters and pictures. Excellent features for this theme include easy logo customization, social network links, valid XHTML, gravatar support as well as adsense ready and many more.

    Live Demo | Download | Theme URL

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    Free Premium Wordpress Theme: High-techzone

    Being a nice WP theme comes from, High-techzone will never fail to make your blogs and websites more outstanding and attractive. This theme features clean layout and modern design. Features also include threaded comments, easy logo customization, powerful theme options panel, compatible with latest WordPress, social network links and many more others.

    Live Demo | Download | Theme URL

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    Free Premium Wordpress Theme: Excitated

    Excitated is a fresh and superior WP theme designed by This template aims at the positive people of the world, supplying a wide range of happy and exciting things in life. Its admirable features include 3 widgets, easy logo customization, a powerful theme options panel and valid XHTML.

    Live Demo | Download | Theme URL

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    Free Premium Wordpress Theme: Blissation

    Blisentiment is an advanced WP theme from Life here is happy and blessed, filled with sensation and love. This theme template boasts a great many functions, including easy logo customization, Query image gallery, twitter, flickr and video widgets and auto popular posts and many more.

    Live Demo | Download | Theme URL

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    Free Premium Wordpress Theme: Entertainssip

    Entertainssip is another popular WP theme designed by Entertainment doesn’t necessarily mean gossip, but gossip is an integral part of entertainment. You will get to know everything that happens to the world through this template. It also features Google analytics code script, powerful theme options panel, featured categories, homepage sliders and easy logo customization.

    Live Demo | Download | Theme URL

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