Hi all,

Today we have 2 new vBulletin 4.1.1 styles for the community here is the first:

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Live Preview: vBulletin 4 Style Demo

- Full vBulletin 4.1.1 suite (CMS, Blogs, Forums, Groups etc etc)
- Light weight style (very little images used, CSS3 gradients used instead of images)
- Various known vBulletin style bugs addressed and re-written
- Basic Statusicons
- Statusicons source files included

Download: Click Here

As MOST of you will be aware there is currently a issue with vBulletin 4 and members profiles, Firstly this is not a problem with our styles but a problem with vBulletin 4.... Now Lynne was kind enough to allow me to modify one of her Member Profile Fixes.. i will create a tutorial on SkinDen.com tomorrow for you all to follow in order to make the members profiles pages blend in with the rest of the style.. i will supply some .CSS coding that can be added to the additional.css file (provided you have the "customizable member profiles" disabled).. i will also put a screencast together for this to make it easier for you to implement... I am running on very little sleep right now so this will have to wait until tomorrow... Rest assured it is a VB4 Bug and not an issue with our styles or anyone else's styles.
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