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Very nice theme!

Hate to see totally unrelated footer links.
I understand the problem, especially in general with footer links. As you might have already guessed, the purpose for 'sponsor' links are to keep me motivated to pump out more themes. I had already spent a quite time to consider different ideas (paid themes to simply supported by donations), but I honestly don't think my themes are 'worth' to be considered paid. A lot to improve, a lot to learn.

I can assure that the links that are on footer are personally checked to make sure there are no malicious codes. I have policy to not accept any gambling, porn, adult, or websites with any suspicious malicious history. And let me tell you, I get such sponsors more, I decide not to accept them.

There's a reason why footer is NOT totally encrypted, I understand a users requirement to edit footer so they can customise it. The only thing that's protected is the links.

However, I do have plans to release clean premium themes (no footer links) in the near future, just let me get in to the main scene.

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Problem with sidebar

I just install and test the functionalities of this theme.
Everything look great except the sidebar

There is a uncontroled post appear in sidebar, how to solve this?

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I think I have already answered you on the support forum, wpvulpe.com/forum/.

P.S. Thank you everyone! I'm glad you people loved the theme.