Templates for a Massive Selection of Profitable Niches

These templates will enable you to easily create websites around particular niches. Some of them are broader topics, such as "engineering" and can be easily adapted for many sub-niches (like electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, etc.). Others are much more specific, like "model railroads", for a quick and easy way to zoom in on a profitable industry.

We've covered 100 topics! Yes I know that's a lot, and no these are not any of the same templates you've seen floating around the internet. These are all NEW!

Some template sellers may advertise hundreds of templates, but their customers are surprised to find that there are only a limited number of topics, with several template variations for each topic. That means there's a far smaller chance of getting the topics you care about.

For this collection we've covered 100 topics. Not 20 topics repeated five times. I'm talking about 100 different topics. That means you'll have plenty to choose from, and there's a good chance there will be some topics that you are interested in building sites around.

We've included five (yes FIVE!) different types of templates to help you build exactly the kind of VRE (Virtual Real Estate) that you want to build...

1) HTML templates
2) HyperVRE templates
3) WordPress templates
4) phpBB templates
5) XSitePro templates

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