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Thread: Slim Glassy One

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    Slim Glassy One

    I modified Slim Glassy theme by Graphic Design, Web Design, Tutorial, Techniques, Tips, Guides - nGraphicDesign to one column version, and since first theme was under GNU GPL this one is to. Theme is compatible with the IE7, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari. Also I included psd for logo. Change it as you like but remember to save it in PNG if you used transparency. Since original theme is under GNU GPL this one is to, so feel free to change anything you like. However it would be great if you can leave footer link by Evil Science.

    Here is original place where I announced the theme:
    Slim Glassy One | Evil Science Solutions

    Here is the demo:
    ES Solutions Demo Site

    And here is the download link:
    Downloads | Evil Science Solutions

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    great theme, it has that web 2.0 feel to it!

    thanks a bunch man!


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