Hi NB'ers

Previously I say many thanks to Netbuilders, because I can sell my product in this forum.

Today, I sell theme Wordpress for Check Pagerank, very simple theme.

Theme Name = CheckPR
Versi = 1.0
Platform = Wordpress
Page Speed Result = 99 (Very Fast)
Page Speed Grade = A (97%)
YSlow Grade = A (95%)

Theme Description
1. Link Unit 468x15 = Yes stay put in the Theme Options, very easy
2. Ads Unit 728x90 = Yes stay put in the Theme Options, very easy
3. Ads Unit 728x90 = Yes stay put in the Theme Options, very easy
4. Note description = Yes stay put in the Theme Options, very easy
5. There are 7 different color themes that you select and set yourself ie Blue, Green, Red, Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow in Theme Options.
6. To be able to use the Page Speed Online from Google, you must activated Api Key in your gmail account, please read in Theme Options.
7. This is a theme that uses wordpress platform, so post articles as there is usually no problem.
8. For Header Image can be changed via the menu header Appereance, live upload, crop and publish.

1. Personal Use Only means that this theme should be and are free to edit at will, provided for the use of private and not for sale again.
2. This theme may not be resold either alone or with the sites.
3. This theme should not be given to others either as gifts, or bonuses and the like.
4. This theme should not be used on sites that contain:
- Element of gambling
- Pornography (smell alone should not be)
- Against the law both National and International
- On the SARA
- Harassing the rights and dignity of others
- Insult, berate others (personal attact)

Normal price is $ 15, but there are promos:
- $ 8 for the first 3 people
- $ 10 for 9 of the second
- After that the normal price of $ 15

I am so sorry NO FR please ...

* Prices subject to change without notice.
* What will you get is what you see, please try it first before you decide to buy it.
* For Google Adsense ads, whether the violation of the TOS or not, I do not know, please attach with the risk borne.

Tested in wordpres 3:01 and 3.2.1 version runs fine, but my suggestion to use the version 3.2.1

Demo please go to
HTML Code:

Seven colors themes








Option for input Api Key Page Speed Online

Option to change color themes

Option for edit note description

Option for ads