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Thread: Adding Support for a New Language Translation

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    Adding Support for a New Language Translation

    Hi, Can anyone help me in adding turkey language in this script. Is it available in google or babelfish translation?
    Please help.
    Thank you
    Sandeep Panchal

  2. Now that Google Translate supports Turkish, you can make the script do Turkish translation just by calling the script with "tr" as the output language.

    Here's an example call for German translation:
    <li><a href="/lang/de/">German<img src="/images/de.png" alt="German"></a></li>
    Assuming you have a Turkish flag called "tr.png", the same call to translate to Turkish would look like this:
    <li><a href="/lang/tr/">Turkish<img src="/images/tr.png" alt="Turkish"></a></li>
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