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  1. Error -3

    Hi Will

    i just tried the new version but after installation i got the following error:

    We are experiencing a temporary problem with the foreign language section. Please try again later. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    Scuzi / Perdon / Pardon / Das is Nicht Gud / Sori / Nay canne doo tha laddy

    Code: -3 (No content returned after fixup from ' name .com/&prev=hp& FcVzoQNvRJp7b7Y-4Dgky-g' for 'it__')

    plus in the error log file i have found hundreds of lines like this below

    [25-Aug-2009 12:52:56] LANG2: No content after GoogleFixup scripts2
    [25-Aug-2009 12:52:56] LANG2: preg_last_error: 2(PREG_BACKTRACK_LIMIT_ERROR)
    [25-Aug-2009 12:52:56] LANG2: No content returned after fixup from ' name .com/business/online-business/are-you-ready-to-make-more-money-working-online.html&prev=hp& ALkJrhg_oFjMGKKATe3VdrUnMmLWIsjCGA' for 'zh-tw_business_online-business_are-you-ready-to-make-more-money-working-onlinehtml_'

    any idea on how to fix that?

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  2. I would first go through the Translation Script Documentation and the Translation Script Troubleshooting Tips.

    Have you edited your site_url in tr_config.php?
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