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Thread: Error 500 ?

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    Error 500 ?

    I'm getting an error 500, what could be the problem?
    I've done everything "by the book"...

    Dont mind the images - src links aren't right....
    The html links dont work. lang/* gives an error 500?

    Can anyone, please, assist.

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    As you are using Wordpress, Global Translator Pro is signifcantly easier to use than our homegrown translation script.

    The HTTP error 500 means "Internal Server Error" -- that's one I haven't seen before from the translation script.

    500 means that there must be some useful data in the Apache error logs for your vhost. What appears in those log files when you access one of the translation URLs?
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    Couldn't find anything in the error logs...
    So I'll use Global Translator afterall...

    I liked the code cleaning feature you're script has, but no it seems GT produces "cleanded" code too...

    Thanks anyway, Will!

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