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Thread: How to stop translating...

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    How to stop translating...

    Is it possible to stop the script from translating certain parts of the page. I really don't want my copyright or terms of service to be translated.

    Please and thank you

  2. You can tell the script not to translate certain pages by editing the translate/.htaccess file.

    This is a page-based translator, so there is no way to tell it not to translate parts of a page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Google Help Center
    If you're a webmaster and would prefer your web page not be translated by Google Translate, just insert the following meta tag into your HTML file:

    <meta name="google" value="notranslate">

    If you don't mind your web page being translated by Google Translate, except for a particular section (like an email address, for example), just add "class=notranslate" to any HTML element to prevent that element from being translated. For example:

    Email us at <span class="notranslate"> sales at example dot com</span>
    More information at

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