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Thread: I am REALLY missing something in the setup instructions

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    I am REALLY missing something in the setup instructions


    I've been trying to get this script to work for some time now and I just can't figure out what the problem is...

    I have all the prerequisite requirements enabled on my server:

    Apache (1.3 or 2.x)
    Apache mod_rewrite
    PHP cURL support
    PHP safe_mode disabled

    Also, I have adjusted the necessary chmod 777 permissions for the respective folders.

    If I understand correctly, once the folders from the install are put on the root of my web server I should be able to paste in the following code to my html documents and the translation functionality will work...right?

    <!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) -->
    <table width="100%" align="center">
    <td><a href="/lang/en<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/american.jpg" alt="English"></a> </td>
    <td><a href="/lang/de<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/german.jpg" alt="German"></a> </td>
    <td><a href="/lang/es<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/spanish.jpg" alt="Spanish"></a> </td>
    <td><a href="/lang/fr<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/french.jpg" alt="French"></a> </td>
    <td><a href="/lang/it<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/italian.jpg" alt="Italian"></a> </td>
    <td><a href="/lang/pt<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/portuguese.jpg" alt="Portuguese"></a> </td>
    <td><a href="/lang/ru<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/russian.gif" alt="Russian"></a> </td>
    <td><a href="/lang/ja<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/japanese.jpg" alt="Japanese"></a> </td>
    <td><a href="/lang/ko<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/korean.jpg" alt="Korean"></a> </td>
    <td><a href="/lang/zh-TW<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/chinese.png" alt="Traditional Chinese"></a> </td>
    <td><a href="/lang/zh-CN<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/chinese.gif" alt="Simplified Chinese"></a> </td>
    <td><a href="/lang/ar<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/saudiarabia.gif" alt="Arabic"></a> </td>
    <!-- google_ad_section_end -->
    I see that there references to the lang folder with corresponding folders for the different languages: <a href="/lang/en<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?> Could some one explain what is suppose to go into the lang folders? and the different language en, fr, de. The install zip I downloaded didn't have any language folders in the lang folder.

    Also, could someone also explain the purpose/role of the index.php fine in the translate folder?

    Thanks for any help with this!

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  2. Did you edit translate/tr_config.php so that site_url is set to the URL of your web site?

    The subfolders under /lang/ are virtual, they don't really exist.

    What symptoms are you seeing?
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    I am pretty much in the same boat
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by martialarm View Post
    I am pretty much in the same boat
    In order to best resolve issues with the translation script, it helps if you post as much relevant information as possible in your trouble report.

    This data usually includes:

    • The URL of the site you are translating
    • The URL to a copy of version.php running on your site (See the Troubleshooting Tips for a copy of this on-line program.)
    • Does the issue affect Google Translate, Yahoo Babelfish, or both?
    • What hosting company is your web site hosted at?
    • Which version of the Translation Script are you running? (Look at the top of translate/translate.php)
    • What version of Apache are you running? (1.3 or 2.x)
    • Does your Apache configuration have mod_rewrite enabled?
    • If you are calling the script from html files, is your Apache configured to support PHP code embedded in html files?
    • Does your host support cURL?
    • Is PHP safe_mode disabled on your host?
    • What HTML/JavaScript/PHP/etc... code are you using to call the script?
    • What error messages are you seeing in your Apache server logs?
    • What error messages are you seeing when you try to translate a page?

    The more information you give us, the more quickly we can help you to resolve your issue.
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